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We all seem to gather crap with time. You move into your apartment with just your backpack and a few necessities and before you know it you are living in clutter-ville. Which isn’t good for your mind or your health.


Use a storage auction site to help take care of your clutter. Here you will find people with space in their homes they are willing to rent to you for your stuff. You’ve just got to visit and fill in your information and the app will match you with someone that can give you what you need. Think of it like you might a dating service only without the emotional stress!

This service can be used if you have spare space in your house or if you are looking for some.

Self Storage made easy

Removalist also available

For an extra fee you can also enlist in the services of removal. An easy way to get rid of if you aren’t looking to store or find storage. Keep in mind these self storage auctions are steadily gaining popularity. Thanks to modern technology they are bringing together units and bidders to marry happily. They are convenient and cost-effective. Two strong reasons to enlist today.

What’s important is understanding how these auctions work so you see how they can actually be more useful than traditional auctions. Now that technology has boomed online storage auctions have taken off. All you need is the self storage app to get started.

Online Storage Auction Defined…

This is an online site where buy or sell storage to people for short or long periods of time. It’s hands down the most convenient way to find or use up space using a technology that matches people up with their immediate needs without leaving the comfort of your home. This app also provides a removalist service at an additional cost.

That’s the basics of it.

Benefits Are—

Buy/Sell on the go Life is busy and you don’t have the time to sit in your easy chair and monitor auction. WE GET IT! So we offer optimization for mobile devices. This enables you to keep track with your storage auctions app on the go. Talk about convenient!

No Hidden Fees – Nobody likes those hidden fees that creep up on you from nowhere. Just think of your cellphone bill! Everything is straight up with So you never have to wonder how much more you are going to have to pay. What you see is what you get!

Feedback Available – It’s always nice to know you are working with a reputable team. With our feedback system you are able to see if there were any issues and how they were resolved. Ultimately you get to choose who you deal with and that makes all the difference in the world.

Internal Messaging – Of course you are going to have questions and will need to get in touch with other members. Our secure online self storage messaging system makes it easy. Your privacy is protected while you scoot around our self storage app site.

Diverse Sales Options – We understand different sales options are essential for different clients. One option that’s popular is a reserve bid. This is where your auction won’t go through unless a certain bid is met. This way you can ensure it’s always worth your while.

Who Uses Storage Auctions?


The most accurate answer is everyone! And a little more specifically…

*Downsizing – If the kids have left the nest or you are just trying to live smaller, self storage works awesome to get a little extra space conveniently. This also gives you the time to see if you are okay living in a smaller space or if bigger is better for you.

*Temporarily Homeless – Nobody wants to think about this one but perhaps you are having trouble finding a new place and need somewhere to temporarily put your stuff. Or maybe you are moving in with someone and can’t fit all your stuff. This is where self storage just makes sense.

*Temporary Holding Place – Perhaps someone is going on an extended trip for three months and has just enough room in their house to store your summer wardrobe that you really don’t have room for at your place? This self storage app will help you find that space you need to hold your stuff safely.

*A Little Extra Cash – If you’ve got extra space you can turn it into cash for offering a member storage space. Many people do quite nicely just letting someone else use an extra room or two. You’ll find many people just don’t want to go through the hassles of renting out and industrial space with lengthy terms and condition, huge costs, and a minimum of a 1 year agreement.

*Students – This is incredibly popular for students. They are headed off to school for a few months and need someplace to temporarily hold their excess belongings. If they leave it at home the chances are pretty good a sibling will scoop it up. Storage auctions app is a student’s dream come true.

*Scoping Out the Area – Perhaps you’ve just landed a new job and are looking to move into a new area. It helps to put some of your belongings into self storage while you figure things out. All you’ve got to do is point and click and you can find the space you need pain-free. If you know you’ve got a safe place for the majority of your things you can concentrate on finding exactly what you are looking for without the stress.

Whether you are looking to make use of a little extra space in your place or find some convenient storage that meets your terms, is at your service. This self storage app is safe, convenient, practical, and super simple easy to use. All you’ve got to do is enter the information of what you are looking for and let the app find your perfect match.

Whether you need a little extra storage today, tomorrow, or somewhere down the road, you know where to find your self storage solutions! Check us out today!